Real Estate Investment Trust


The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) team at Arch Insurance is composed of a dedicated team of highly experienced underwriters adept at addressing the unique corporate structures and management liability exposures of REITs.

Arch is the only endorsed primary carrier for the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts’ (NAREIT) Directors and Officers Liability program, which offers NAREIT members the broadest REIT-specific coverage available in the marketplace. The NAREIT D&O program is anchored by the powerful resources and expertise of Arch, NAREIT and Alliant Insurance Services (exclusive program administrator).

Product Highlights

Customer Profile

  • Public or Private REITs of all sizes.


  • Up to $25 million in limits on a primary and excess basis.


  • NAREIT D&O Program: Alliant Insurance Services is the exclusive administrator.

Corporate Contacts

Chris Christon

Senior Vice President, Head of Large Commercial Group

Direct: +1 646 563 6375

Mobile: +1 917 494 4591

[email protected]

Howard Sider

Vice President, Large Commercial Group

+ 1 201 424 1464

[email protected]

Insurance Business America 2022 5-Star Professional Liability Carrier

Proud to be recognized as a 2022 5-Star Professional Liability and D&O carrier by Insurance Business America.

Jamie Schibuk, EVP Professional Liability and Cyber, and Hela Trerotola, SVP Growth & Middle Market, describe what differentiates Arch in the market and their plans for the future.

Our Brand Promise

Pursuing Better Together encapsulates how we do business at Arch Insurance. It is an approach that is based on collaboration, responsiveness and a genuine commitment to continually raising the bar.

It is our promise to our brokers, colleagues and other partners to:

  • Listen, share insights and work together to deliver informed solutions.
  • Build trusting, respectful and responsive relationships.
  • Understand your goals and explore possibilities together.

Key Features

  • Streamlined policy for ease of use.
  • REIT Partnership Liability Coverage.
  • REIT Non-Securities Claim Coverage.
  • Expanded sub-limited coverage offerings included in the base form:
    • Derivative Demand Investigation Costs.
    • Books and Records Request Costs.
    • Regulation FD Demand Investigation Costs.
    • SOX 1103 Escrow Costs.
    • Reputation Costs.
  • Inquiry Coverage.
  • Broad definition of Controlled Entity (best suited for unique REIT operating structures).
  • Broad definition of Securities Claim (inclusive of entity investigation coverage with no co-defendant requirement & aiding and abetting coverage).
  • Expanded definitions of: Claim, Defense Costs, Insured Person, Loss.
  • Advancement of Defense Costs no later than 45 days after submission of invoices.
  • Subrogation amounts received will now reinstate the applicable Limit of Liability.
  • Pro-Rata cancellation for all parties.
  • No consent necessary to settle claims within 90% of the applicable retention.
  • Enhanced severability language.

Submission Guidelines

For all new business submission inquiries, please contact Steve Kelly or Tim Crowley at Alliant Insurance Services.

Document Library

Dec Page – The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts®(NAREIT) (AIC)

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Dec Page – The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts®(NAREIT) (ASIC)

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Policy Form – The National Association Of Real Estate Investment Trusts®(NAREIT)

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Nareit Program Brochure

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Nareit Product Brochure

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