Arch’s Surety group provides a broad range of surety products for construction and commercial enterprises.


Arch’s Surety group has the expertise in writing bonds for accounts in various types of industries with diverse capital structures. We are able to respond thoughtfully to the needs of our agents and brokers, providing them with the solutions they need to meet their clients’ requests. Our flexible approach allows us to evaluate each account on its own merits and provide an account-specific solution. With an approach rooted in underwriting discipline, Arch’s Surety group is comprised of experienced and skilled professionals. Our solid financial strength and diverse product lines support our capabilities to write aggregate bonded programs up to $400 million, with increased limits available for best-in-class accounts. We strive to make Arch your surety of choice for your contract, commercial and transactional needs.

Surety Benefits 

  • Specialists in Contract, Commercial and Transactional Surety. 
  • Committed to long-term partnerships with our customers. 
  • Rated A+ XV by A.M. Best.
  • Rated A+ by Standard & Poor’s.
  • Combined Treasury Listing: $255M.
  • Solution-driven. 
  • Responsive. 

Admitted Status 

Arch Insurance Company is licensed to write bonds in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada.


Arch’s Surety group works with agents and brokers specializing in Surety (NASBP, National brokers). Consistent with our appetite we invite agents and brokers to inquire about an appointment with Arch’s Surety group.  


To file a claim on our website: please visit Claims.

By Mail:

Arch Insurance Company Claims Department
Surety Claims
P.O. Box 542033
Omaha, NE 68154

For customer service inquiries, contact: 1 877 688 2724
By email: [email protected]


Corporate Contacts

Stephen Ruschak

Executive Vice President, Surety

+ 1 646 560 5601

[email protected]

Sarah Heineman

Senior Vice President, Commerical Surety

+1 713 907 3303

[email protected]

Dawn Nevill

Senior Vice President, Contract Surety

+1 718 540 7491

[email protected]

Ethel Pelletiere

Vice President, Transactional Surety

+1 629 216 2981

[email protected]

Chris Alexander

Senior Vice President, Surety Claims

+1 215 606 1596

[email protected]

Document Library

Surety Brochure

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Business Segments

United States

Contract Surety

Arch’s Contract Surety group is highly committed to the construction market and strives to provide consistent underwriting and innovative solutions to meet its customer’s needs.

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United States

Transactional Surety

Arch Insurance is a full-service Surety for transactional and accounts/program business focusing on middle market and smaller companies’ bonding needs.  

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