Arch Voices | May 24, 2022

Taking On New Challenges

Ming Chen, VP Pricing Actuary, empowers her team and motivates them to go the extra mile….

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Arch Voices | May 12, 2022

Taking Chances for Career Success

Laura Zoltan, SVP Industry Practice Lead, describes how she is relentless about improvement and what she did to take the next step in her career….

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Arch Voices | May 6, 2022

The Personal Touch of Arch

Stephen Cho, AVP High Excess Workers’ Compensation, describes the ways he challenges himself and is always relentless about improvement….

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Arch Voices | May 2, 2022

The Value of a Different Perspective

Crystal Gonzalez, VP Small Business, was drawn to Arch because of the culture that puts people first, always….

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Arch Voices | April 20, 2022

A Culture of Experimentation and Diversity

Katelijne van Drongelen, AVP Principal Digital Process Manager, is encouraged to learn by taking risks….

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Arch Voices | March 31, 2022

Meeting the Needs of the Future

Waika Embry, VP E&S Property, shares how Arch insurance is leveraging technology to grasp opportunities….

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Our Brand Promise | March 18, 2022

Pursuing a Better Working Environment

Arch Insurance leaders discuss how to achieve growth and exposure in a hybrid working environment as part of the Women in Insurance New York 2021 event….

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Arch Voices | March 18, 2022

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hela Trerotola, VP Growth and Middle Market, shares how Arch is evolving to be better….

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Arch Voices | March 15, 2022

Representing in all the Right Places

Mari Lunsford, VP Technical Claims, is committed to continuous improvement to meet the demands of changing business needs and also in the area of diversity and inclusion….

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