Risk Control — Defense Base Act

Arch Risk Control partners with our customers to focus on key DBA exposures to loss and the controls required to prevent and mitigate those losses.


Our service approach is founded on collaboration, analytics, technical expertise, and strategic services to drive improved performance and results. At Arch we take pride in our Risk Control team’s extensive industry experience. Our seasoned consultants know how important it is for our customers to feel like they have an industry specialist in their corner. 

Corporate Contacts

Greg Stefan

Senior Vice President, Risk Control

+1 404 682 4320

[email protected]

Ken Rankin

Assistant Vice President, Risk Control

+1 214 438 6060

[email protected]

Our Brand Promise

Pursuing Better Together encapsulates how we do business at Arch Insurance. It is an approach that is based on collaboration, responsiveness and a genuine commitment to continually raising the bar.

It is our promise to our brokers, colleagues and other partners to:

  • Listen, share insights and work together to deliver informed solutions.
  • Build trusting, respectful and responsive relationships.
  • Understand your goals and explore possibilities together.

Insurance Risk Management

  • Holistic Approach – Active concentration on DBA operational risks. 
  • Collaborative – Arch consultants actively listen to our customers to understand service needs and develop a customized service strategy. We bring our industry experience and data to the table to prioritize meaningful and actionable improvements. 
  • Solutions – We strive to identify and implement practical solutions to the operational and financial risks inherent in the DBA Industry. 

Strategic Attitude

At Arch, we take a long-term approach to risk. Arch directs services to reduce risk from emerging issues as well as current exposures and claim/loss trends in DBA.  

  • Our primary goal is to work with our clients towards decreasing the total cost of risk.   
  • We know risk management is a proven business improvement process that can increase profitability and efficiency. 

Consultative Services

Arch focuses on understanding your business. Our consultative approach seamlessly integrates an insurance perspective with your existing risk management programs. 

  • Program Gap Analysis identifies potential issues affecting a customer’s overall quality, risk and safety performance. 
  • Consultations focus on illustrating loss cost drivers, risk reduction opportunities, meaningful performance measurements and potential process improvements. 
  • Service execution and constant communication drive team collaboration and transparency. 

Client Resources

Complimentary Resources

Arch Insurance policyholders receive complimentary access to Arch Insurance’s Risk Control Portal – a comprehensive platform provided by Zywave – that contains a wide range of high-value tools and interactive applications designed to help insureds with a variety of safety, risk management, HR, and compliance issues.

Business Alliances

Arch has established preferential pricing relationships with multiple 3rd party providers to enhance our policyholder’s safety and risk management programs.  Examples include: 

  • Mobile device blocking and distracted driving management. 
  • Vehicle Telematics. 
  • Vehicle Camera Systems. 
  • Safety and Risk Management cloud-based technology systems. 
  • On-Demand, Online training. 
  • Continuous MVR monitoring. 

3rd Party Provider Networks 

Arch has developed a network of 3rd party specialty services providers available to address various DBA policyholder needs.  These providers can contract directly with Arch clients or can be managed by Arch when there is an established budget for Risk Control services. Examples of specialty providers include:

  • Pre and Post-deployment specialized medical & fit-for-duty evaluations. 
  • Pre and Post-deployment psychological assessments. 
  • Mental health, psychological wellbeing, crisis response, and early intervention solutions. 
  • Ergonomics, physical demands analysis, and job risk factor consultations. 
  • Outplacement Services, Human Resources consulting, and policy/program development and implementation. 
  • Mobile safety and risk management solutions to provide for real-time analytics to identify risk, verify controls, and enable proactive deficiency mitigation. 
  • Environmental, Safety, Occupational Health, and Industrial Hygiene services 
  • Employee training and development. 

Defense Base Act

The Arch Insurance Defense Base Act Division provides statutory federal workers compensation benefits to U.S. government contractors who perform work outside the 50 U.S. states.