Contract Surety

Arch’s Contract Surety group is highly committed to the construction market and strives to provide consistent underwriting and innovative solutions to meet its customer’s needs.


Arch’s Contract Surety group is highly committed to the construction market and strives to provide consistent underwriting and innovative solutions to meet its customers’ needs. Arch’s Contract Surety group takes a comprehensive underwriting approach, seeks to understand what makes each company unique and matches surety programs to the customer’s business plans. 

Underwriting Strategy and Philosophy

Arch’s Contract Surety group bonds well-managed, well-capitalized construction companies with demonstrated expertise. Our highly dedicated field office personnel understand the nuances in their assigned territories and are committed to providing best-in-class service. Home office is also available to meet with accounts throughout the underwriting relationship. 

Arch Contract Surety Benefits

  • Arch Insurance Company is licensed to write bonds in 50 states, U.S. territories and Canada.  
  • Rated A+ XV by AM Best.
  • Rated A+ by Standard & Poor’s.
  • Combined Treasury Listing: $255M.
  • Specialists in contract surety.  
  • Responsive and decisive.  

Corporate Contacts

Stephen Ruschak

Executive Vice President, Surety

+ 1 646 560 5601

[email protected]

Dawn Nevill

Senior Vice President, Contract Surety

+1 718 540 7491

[email protected]

Our Brand Promise

Pursuing Better Together encapsulates how we do business at Arch Insurance. It is an approach that is based on collaboration, responsiveness and a genuine commitment to continually raising the bar.

It is our promise to our brokers, colleagues and other partners to:

  • Listen, share insights and work together to deliver informed solutions.
  • Build trusting, respectful and responsive relationships.
  • Understand your goals and explore possibilities together.

Product Highlights

Target Clients  

Preferred target market accounts have bonded cost to complete between $10 million and $400 million. Arch’s Contract Surety group can accommodate larger programs for best-in-class accounts.  

Attributes of our ideal customer include: 

  • Demonstrated success with projects of similar size and scope. 
  • Proven management. 
  • Profitable operations with effective systems and controls in place. 
  • Strong, liquid balance sheet relative to program requirements. 
  • Excellent character of principals. 

Types of contractors 

  • General contractors. 
  • Heavy highway/engineering. 
  • Mechanical/electrical/plumbing. 
  • Best in class specialty. 

Types of Bonds

  • Bid.
  • Performance.
  • Payment (labor and material).
  • Maintenance.
  • Subcontractor.
  • Subdivision.
  • Supply.
  • License and permit.
  • Miscellaneous.


  • Arch’s Surety group works with agents and brokers specializing in surety (NASBP, National brokers). Consistent with our appetite we invite agents and brokers to inquire about an appointment with Arch’s Contract Surety group. 

The Arch Difference

Speak with a Regional Expert

Northeast Contact

Ryan Daly

Vice President, Contract Surety

Direct: +1 646 563 6311

Mobile: +1 201 874 9658

[email protected]

Central Contact

Charles Recer

Regional Vice President, Surety

+1 214 438 4087

[email protected]

Southeast Contact

Jeffrey Chapman

Vice President, Surety

+1 704 672 4821

[email protected]

West Contact

Richard Morgan

Vice President, Surety

+1 303 218 2134

[email protected]

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