Financial Services

The Financial Services group has a specialized underwriting team to meet the needs of and offer creative solutions for all financial services firms.


At Arch Insurance, the Financial Services Department has a specialized underwriting team to meet the needs of and offer creative solutions for all financial services firms. Given the complexity of financial services firms today, it is imperative that they partner with a dedicated underwriting team which understands all aspects of their business. Arch Insurance offers that capability through its centralized underwriting team.

In addition to traditional risks, Arch is also able to write hard to place risks, such as distressed financial institutions and/or those that have experienced claim activity, and offer customized coverage by way of manuscript endorsements and/or policies.


Up to $25 million in limits per risk.


Select retail and wholesale producers. Please contact the appropriate regional contact if you are interested in becoming an appointed broker with Arch.

Corporate Contact

Micah Ponto

Senior Vice President, Head of Financial Services

Direct: +1 312 601 8408

Mobile: +1 312 339 5699

[email protected]

Michael Landers

Senior Vice President, Financial Services

+ 1 646 563 6378

[email protected]

Megan Hirschey

Senior Vice President, Financial Services

+1 312 601 8439

[email protected]

Insurance Business America 2022 5-Star Professional Liability Carrier

Proud to be recognized as a 2022 5-Star Professional Liability and D&O carrier by Insurance Business America.

Jamie Schibuk, EVP Professional Liability and Cyber, and Hela Trerotola, SVP Growth & Middle Market, describe what differentiates Arch in the market and their plans for the future.

Our Brand Promise

Pursuing Better Together encapsulates how we do business at Arch Insurance. It is an approach that is based on collaboration, responsiveness and a genuine commitment to continually raising the bar.

It is our promise to our brokers, colleagues and other partners to:

  • Listen, share insights and work together to deliver informed solutions.
  • Build trusting, respectful and responsive relationships.
  • Understand your goals and explore possibilities together.

Customer Profile

Asset Managers

Insurance Companies

  • Financial guaranty.
  • Life & Health insurers.
  • Property & Casualty insurers.
  • Reinsurance companies.

Banking Institutions

  • Community and regional banks.
  • Investment Banks/Broker-Dealers/Exchanges.
  • Super regional and money center banks.

Specialty Finance Companies

  • Commercial finance companies.
  • Consumer finance companies.

Product Offerings

  • Arch Essential Side A®.
  • Bankers Professional Liability.
  • Directors and Officers and Company Liability.
  • Employment Practices Liability.
  • Fidelity Bonds.
  • Fiduciary Liability.
  • General partnership liability.
  • Hedge Funds D&O/E&O.
  • Insurance Company Professional Liability.
  • Investment Adviser/Investment Company D&O/E&O.
  • Investment Bank Professional Liability (boutique investment banks offering advisory services).
  • Lender Liability.
  • Network Security and Privacy Violation Insurance.
  • Outside directorship liability.

Tailored Product Offerings

Asset Managers

Other Financial Institutions

  • Arch Bankers Professional Liability Policy.
  • Arch Canopy for Investment Advisers & Investment Companies® with Investment Banking E&O Extension.
  • Arch Corporate Canopy® with The Arch Canopy Plus for Banks.
  • Arch Corporate Canopy® with The Arch Canopy Plus for Insurance Companies®.
  • Arch Insurance Company Professional Liability Policy.
  • Arch Investment Company Bond.

Underwriting Success Stories

A community bank in the Southwest received a non-renewal notice from their existing insurer due to a high level of non-performing assets and receipt of a regulatory order. As a result of our in depth underwriting process, we were able to provide the bank with comparable coverage to their expiring policy including full regulatory coverage.

A regional insurance company, which had recently been downgraded and had a securities class action lawsuit filed against it, was unable to obtain new limits from its existing insurers. Arch was able to offer a renewal quote that provided the company with an unimpaired limit.

A large hedge fund had recently decided to purchase D&O insurance for the first time and wanted a fully customized manuscript policy. Our underwriting team, in conjunction with claims and legal departments, was able to work with their outside counsel to address their specific needs and create a fully manuscript policy to their specifications.

Document Library

Financial Services Brochure

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Speak with a Regional Expert

Northeast Contact

Sean O’Connor

Vice President, Financial Services

+1 646 563 6436

[email protected]

Central Contact

Jake Holcombe

Vice President, Executive Assurance

+1 914 369 1654

[email protected]

Southeast Contact

Vincent Piacentino

Vice President, Financial Services

+1 646 563 5606

[email protected]

West Contact

Joseph DeCree

Vice President, Financial Services

+1 646 563 6354

[email protected]