Business Travel Accident Insurance

Employers and risk managers recognize the hazards that come with travel and rely on a business travel accident insurance, or BTA, plan to help protect their employees.

Arch Insurance Announces Streamlined Experience for Pricing and Purchase of Business Travel Accident Insurance

Brokers can now rapidly price and purchase Business Travel Accident (BTA) policies for U.S.-based companies with up to 250 business travelers using Arch BTAExpress.

Learn more about this exciting new platform by reading our recent press release.

Arch’s BTA insurance is tailored for corporate travelers.

As businesses expand beyond their normal boundaries of operation, there is an increased need for business travel. Customized solutions are available for multinational corporations, including options that provide coverage for only business travel or a combination of business and leisure travel.

We also offer other Accident Insurance products to help protect employers.

These are important questions that every organization should address before their employees or students leave home:

  • What happens if these individuals become ill or are injured during their travels abroad?
  • Who will pay for potentially expensive medical bills?
  • How will they find appropriate care for treatment?
  • How will they communicate in an emergency if there is a language barrier?
Business travel accident insurance, or a BTA plan, helps protect employees when they are traveling for work.

Business Travel Accident insurance key features:

  • Political, security and natural disaster coverage.
  • 24-hour worldwide protection.
  • Coverage for corporate owned or leased aircraft.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Non-employee director coverage.
  • Relocation coverage.
  • War risk.
  • Global travel assistance services including 24-hour multi-lingual call line, pre-trip services and emergency medical assistance.
  • Business trip cancellation, interruption and baggage delay.

Business Travel Accident Product Overview

Learn more about our Business Travel Accident program. View product offerings, coverage options, and more.


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