September 15, 2021

Similar Values, a High-Performing Team and a Strong Culture – Arch Checks All the Boxes

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Meet Dymphna Menéndez

Dymphna Menéndez joined Arch as an underwriter in 2019, keen to advance her skills and make her mark on the Arch community. In her current role as Assistant Vice President of High Excess Workers’ Compensation at Arch Insurance, she prides herself on being passionate about the voice of the customer and being a resource for others.

Dymphna first became interested in insurance while in college as a member of Gamma lota Sigma, a professional fraternity, where she was encouraged by the welcoming and supportive nature of the people in this organization and the insurance industry. In fact, building meaningful relationships is her favorite part of working in the insurance industry.

As a proud Co-Chair of Arch’s LGBTQ+ and Allies Employee Network, she strives to make a difference through servant leadership. Dymphna enjoys enabling discussions that foster a collaborative and welcoming environment to promote professional development.

What is something surprising that you didn’t know about working at Arch?

Insurance is a community first. People are willing to help and be open and that is what enticed me to be part of this industry. There are challenges to be solved, changes to be made and fun to be had, so to me, this industry provides a very fulfilling career. 

Arch has a small town kind of feeling. Yes, we are a large corporation, but we are tight-knit and like to share who we are and what we do best. One thing that might surprise people is that, at Arch, when we talk about the voice of the customer, the first customer is our employees. It’s our people, and I think that shows the character of our company.

Tell us about your backstory. What led you to Arch?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have always been eager to serve others. The insurance industry has allowed me to further deliver on my core values of faith, service and excellence. As an underwriter, I pride myself in not only the expertise I continually develop, but being a resource for others.

When I was interviewing at Arch, the one thing that attracted me most was the level of expertise that was demonstrated across the organization, which leads to Arch having this entrepreneurial essence to it. That was a key factor for me. Since being at Arch, I have never felt more at home and I can’t wait for the chance to make my mark.    

What do you think makes Arch unique?

I believe our niche focus and expertise are what make us the most valuable to our clients and also what makes us unique. We don’t try to be all things to all people, we recognize our strengths and deliver those with great precision.  

Why did you decide to pursue a career in insurance?

I was lucky enough to get on this crazy train while in college. As a student, I joined the Beta Gamma Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma, a professional fraternity that encourages student interest in careers in insurance, risk management and actuarial science. I continue to work with them today to bring awareness to students about the insurance industry. 

Like a lot of students in the second half of their college career, you start wondering about what path you want to take after you graduate. I wanted to cast a bit of a wide net, so I joined a lot of the different clubs on campus. For me, what made me want to commit to this industry was the people. From the student leaders to professors and industry partners, everyone was so welcoming and eager to help me find my way.

That’s what started it all for me and I would encourage more women to get involved with similar organizations on their college campuses.

What is an initiative that you feel passionate about at Arch?

Arch is dedicated to the initiatives of diversity and inclusion, and I am very humbled to be co-chairing the LGBTQ+ Employee Network. Through the employee network, I believe we can make a difference in how we recruit and retain diverse talent and ensure the fair equity of all who work at Arch.   

Do you have any advice to your younger self or to the next generation of women considering a career in insurance?

Be bold. Always remember who you are and why you matter. The workplace is still a maze of stereotypes and biases, so be sure to find a mentor and be proactive in learning as much as you can. Build your tribe and have people who you can go to for advice.  

Dymphna Menéndez

AVP, High Excess Workers’ Comp
Arch Insurance | Los Angeles, Calif.


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Professional Bio

Dymphna Menéndez is Assistant Vice President of High Excess Workers’ Compensation at Arch Insurance. Prior to joining Arch in August 2019, she worked as a Large Accounts Underwriter for Casualty Lines at AIG. Dymphna has an MBA in finance from the University of Redlands, and a B.A. in economics and business administration with a concentration in finance from California State University-Fullerton. She also has an associate underwriting management certification from The Institutes. Dymphna is currently the Vice President of the Alumni Council for Gamma lota Sigma and Co-Chair of Arch’s LGBTQ+ and Allies Employee Network. Previously, she served as the President of the LBGT and Allies Employee Resource Group and President of the Latino Employee Resource Group at AIG.

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