September 15, 2021

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Meet Priya Raghavan

Priya Raghavan is passionate about being open-minded, embracing innovation and collaborating with her co-workers. As Director of Open Brokerage IT at Arch Insurance, she leads a team of innovative software engineers who take on the ever-changing technological landscape in order to solve business problems and boost productivity. 

After joining Arch in August 2018 as a programmer, Priya was quickly promoted to manager and has continued to excel in her role. As a leader, she encourages everyone to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas and recognizes the benefits of considering different approaches.

With a great deal of innovation expected to come over the next decade, Priya believes that now is the prime opportunity for women to get involved in the IT industry. Specifically, she is excited by the rapid rate of change within the InsurTech industry and feels that it could benefit from women’s skills in numbers, leadership and creativity.

What is something surprising that you didn’t know about working at Arch?

Having fun while working is not a far-fetched statement when working at Arch. Arch taught me that insurance can be fun and there are lot of cool things to learn about the insurance industry.

Marrying IT to insurance to create transformational software solutions has been a rewarding experience for me and I am truly excited by the everchanging technology ecosystem that helps us innovate and solve many business problems. 

Tell us about your backstory.

I am an IT professional with a passion for leading teams, helping achieve technical excellence and delivering cutting edge business solutions. I recently launched a web portal for the transactional surety line of business, which helped increase speed of bond issuance and efficiency.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of working at Arch?

I created a new team that has employees with tremendous talent and impeccable work ethic. We have created a web-based solution that caters to the bonding needs of the transactional surety division. Designed with the latest industry technologies, the web portal facilitates ease of use and issues bonds in less than two minutes. The most fulfilling aspect of my work is that, every day, I feel I am utilizing my skills and my team members’ skills to produce a tool or a solution to help the Surety business unit market its products. Having a hand in creating Arch’s Surety web offering as one of the firsts in the market is highly rewarding for me.

What do you think makes Arch unique? 

Arch is a company that is open to embracing ideas from its employees. Arch gives the carte blanche to employees when it comes to innovating, while making sure that all of the standards and protocols are being adhered to. The people of Arch are great colleagues that make you feel part of a team and there are mentors everywhere in the company. The unique selling point of Arch is that you are welcome to experiment and you are allowed to have fun doing that.

What advice would you give to the next generation of women considering a career in insurance?

A lot of innovation in this industry over the next decade is waiting to happen and you can be a part of it. InsurTech industry specifically seems to be transforming rapidly and would highly benefit from women’s skills in numbers, leadership and innovation. Most importantly, work-life balance is highly achievable in this industry.

Priya Raghavan

Director, Open Brokerage IT
Arch Insurance | Jersey City, N.J.


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Professional Bio

Priya Raghavan is Director of Open Brokerage IT, leading a team of innovative software engineers at Arch Insurance. Previously, Priya held the role of Director, Agile Program Manager and Senior Software Development Engineer at Arch. Before joining Arch in August 2018, she was a Senior Software Developer at Eze Software for nearly 10 years. Priya is a graduate of the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani. She also completed the Boost Program by Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning which aims to develop innovative leadership skills and mindset.

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