November 8, 2023

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Meet Jennifer

My passion for leading and helping people started at a young age. I was an avid 4-H Club member from age 8 to 18 and my childhood dream was to become an educator. In high school, a teacher sparked my love for history and encouraged me to pursue a degree in the subject. In college, I joined a sorority where I developed skills in recruiting and marketing and the idea of working in sales was born.

In 2011, I started working as a customer service and training manager at Old Navy. In this role, I learned the importance of knowing your customer and using this to inform my practices, processes and offerings. I continue to use and develop those skills to this day.  

A Focus on the Customer

Eventually, I got married and wanted to start a family. A 9 to 5 setting sounded more attractive. In 2014, through my personal network, I was connected to United Healthcare Global (UHCG), where I took on a customer service position. Although the industry was new to me, my skills from retail transferred well as I continued to focus on knowing the customer to provide exceptional service. I was promoted to manager and helped the department grow. Soon I was ready to take another step up, but the positions I wanted didn’t exist at UHCG. I was introduced to RoamRight, Arch’s Travel Insurance division and immediately knew it was the place for me.

“I knew Arch had a culture of experimentation and an openness for new ideas to grow. I was eager to be part of this, and I joined RoamRight on April 1, 2019.”

How to Survive a Travel Ban  

In March 2020, I was one year in to my new role and all travel had just been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We focused on our customers and saw they needed timely service and feasible options. Arch was prepared to have all hands on deck to answer the phones when call volumes were high to keep our wait times low.

When “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into months, our team considered what this meant to our customers. With the help of our in-house IT department and underwriters we were able to redesign our offerings and services to meet our customers’ swiftly evolving needs. This differentiated us from other carriers, allowing us to keep existing customers and grow new business.

Once travel bans lifted, some countries instituted new requirements for entry. In the U.S., travelers needed to provide a negative COVID test to return, leaving many travelers ill in a foreign country with additional medical and hotel expenses. Other countries, such as Costa Rica, asked travelers to obtain higher medical benefits in order to visit. In response to these requirements Arch created an upgrade that increased several benefits such as medical coverage, medical evacuation and trip delay. Now three years later, travelers are more aware of the importance of travel insurance and know to ask for it when booking a trip.

Small but Growing

Although RoamRight is a relatively small part of Arch, it has been growing. We have onboarded many new partners since 2021, including host agencies that have individual travel advisors working under one umbrella. I work with those individual travel advisors on a daily basis. It is an important relationship they value as much as I do, because they need the right resources and responsiveness to keep their clients happy. I am active on social media, which keeps me connected to my clients on a personal level.

It is because of those relationships and support that I have been invited to several in-destination events. These opportunities include conferences, tours, trips and training weekends all over the world. It is fun connecting with advisors, but their needs are always evolving so our team is looking forward to hiring more people to share these opportunities with.   

I still put my history degree to good use as well. Recently, I met a few clients in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and showed them around the historic sites. Going forward, I am eager for more growth at RoamRight, new partnerships, and new team members to continue providing exceptional service to our customers.

Jennifer Haslacker's headshot.

Jennifer Haslacker

Regional Sales Director

Arch Insurance | Hunt Valley, Maryland


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