Podcasts | September 21, 2023

We All Win When Diversity Is Achieved

As the Dive In festival nears, we speak with Mark Lomas, who oversees market-wide efforts to improve diversity and inclusion at Lloyd’s....

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Contingency | September 4, 2023

Rugby World Cup: All Eyes on the Contingency Market

On 8 September the Rugby World Cup kicks off. While all eyes will be on the action on the pitch, the attention of the insurance industry will be elsewhere as an event of this scale creates potential ris...

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Podcasts | August 31, 2023

“We are a Living Embodiment of Better Together”

Caroline Wagstaff speaks about helping the London market to speak with one voice, from advocating accountability for regulators to selling the idea of an insurance career to young people....

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Podcasts | June 15, 2023

The Convening Power of Lloyd’s

From driving innovation through the Lloyd’s Lab, to improving market engagement and development with the FutureMinds programme, Dawn Miller is at the core of many of its market-changing developments....

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Contingency | May 4, 2023

Resurgence of Events: In Conversation with Claire Atley

In conversation with Claire Atley, Senior Contingency Underwriter, we speak about building a new team and portfolio of business from the ground up, the resurgence of the events sector — particularly tou...

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| April 5, 2023

Leading on Healthcare: In Conversation with Alex Clark

In conversation with Alex Clark, Senior Healthcare Underwriter, we discuss the opportunities in the sector, how Arch is positioning itself in the market, and how his broking background influences his un...

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Terrorism, Political Violence & War | March 23, 2023

Building resilience in South Africa’s political violence insurance market 

The riots in South Africa in July 2021 resulted in significant property damage that took a heavy toll on Sasria, the state-backed political violence insurer, and also spread into the international PV ma...

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Map of South Africa

| March 2, 2023

“Making the difference” – Hugh Sturgess The Insurer TV Interview

Arch Insurance International CEO Hugh Sturgess talks to The Insurer TV for their prestigious ‘Leading Voices’ programme, where he discusses Arch’s ‘absolute and complete transformation’ across all metri...

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Hugh Sturgess Insurer TV interview

Podcasts | February 9, 2023

Building a Closer Alignment between the Risk and Insurance Professions

The latest episode of Arch’s ‘Pursuing Better Together’ podcast series features Julia Graham, CEO of the Association of Risk and Insurance Professionals (Airmic), whose career has spanned the worlds of ...

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