November 29, 2023

Career Moves are Hellos, Not Goodbyes

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Meet Bridget

I always thought I would be a math teacher, to help kids have the joy and connection to numbers that I have.

But after I graduated from Villanova University, I found equally interesting opportunities in the corporate world, so I started on that path. I still have the math teacher inside of me, and it informs the care I take in my professional relationships and my desire to help others. I’m so proud of how my career has progressed and how I got here.

Learning with Every Move

I started my career as a project manager at Marsh, and I stayed for three years. I enjoyed the work, but I wanted to learn more about insurance and to work directly with clients. So, I was a casualty broker at Marsh for two years and subsequently joined Aon Risk Solutions in their consulting group, where my clients were carriers.

Being responsible for a client relationship taught me how to socialize professionally and network throughout the industry. This might seem small, but it is important to me that I maintain longstanding and trusting relationships with my clients and people I work with.

After Aon, in 2017, I went to a more technology-focused role in a smaller company. I wanted to see how the “old world” of insurance was being flipped around in a digital setting. I learned a lot about the future of insurance technology and how it will improve transactional experiences.

At the end of the day, tech can never compensate for the backbone of our industry. The basics of insurance as it was originally created is all about human interaction and relationships.

Today, I draw from each of these prior experiences. They give me a wide lens to help me examine and improve the broker experience, which is the goal of my role here at Arch.

Connected Every Step of the Way

Right now, the world of business is all about real-time feedback for the customer.

It’s Amazon telling me my order is packed, picked up and on its way. It’s the Domino’s Pizza Tracker telling me someone is making my pizza, that it’s in the oven, and someone is delivering it to my house.

At Arch, we need to keep a pulse on every single step of the process with our brokers, because we know they expect that connection, as do their clients.

They ask and we must be ready to respond to questions such as, “How soon between the current step and the next? When can we tell our client they will have the documents ready to sign? When will our transaction be completed, so we can move on to address our next client need?”

As an organization and as an industry, the broker experience, which is the customer experience, is absolutely critical.

A Big, Small World

The insurance community in New York is large but tight knit. I am always running into people I have worked with or met at some point over the years.

When I was talking to people in my network about wanting to move to the carrier side, every single person who suggested Arch said the people are the nicest they have ever worked with. That was very important to me. I spend a lot of time working; I want to be surrounded by good people. I know that when I have a good community, I feel supported and empowered to ask questions. I feel confident and comfortable in knowing I can make mistakes and learn. This is what Arch provides.

My advice to anyone considering a career move is to remember how small the world is.

You will get to keep the amazing connections you make at one organization even after you’ve moved to another place. Your colleagues will move on as well, and you will have people across organizations and business units who you can call when you have a question.

If you make a move, you’re not saying goodbye. You’re saying hello to something new!

Bridget Hoyt

VP, Broker Experience Strategy

Arch Insurance | New York, N.Y.


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