April 17, 2024

Talking Strategy with Arch Insurance Australia’s Dominic Brannigan

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In a recent interview with Insurance Business, Dominic Brannigan, Regional Manager, Arch Insurance Australia, outlined where he saw clear opportunities for growth, singling out Accident & Health and Property as sectors primed for expansion.

Exploring the potential provided by the A&H market, Dominic highlighted the significant rise in business travel post pandemic as well as an uptick in government contracts for large development projects as two major contributors.

On the property front, Dominic spoke about Arch’s interest in growing its portfolio, particularly around industrial special risks, where he saw clear growth potential across several sectors including, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and financial. He also raised a note of caution in relation to the spike in nat-cat activity in recent years.

Despite the challenges created, he added, Arch was fully committed to being a stable, strong, long-term insurance partner for its brokers and their clients across the region.

In a comprehensive discussion, Dominic noted how restructuring and expanding the teams at the regional level had played a big part in enabling the significant growth that Arch Insurance Australia had achieved in recent years.

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