December 5, 2022

Elevating Customer Relationships

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Meet Clint Parker

My career journey has been one of experimentation and change while I found my path. Before I found insurance, I was in the restaurant industry. You might not think so, but many of the skills and connections I gained there were directly transferrable to the insurance industry and help me perform my role well: preparation, adapting to change, working with a sense of urgency, and managing relationships with customers, vendors and staff.

I bring this approach to my work at Arch: Be prepared, and think about your customers, always. I’ve worked in different parts of insurance, such as business applications, brokerage, operations and sales. These various roles shaped my thinking and prepared me for where I am now. I joined Arch in 2020 and work for Arch Advantage, a centralized operations team that supports multiple business units within Arch Insurance. Our team has two primary functions: one focused on operational process, and my group, which supports underwriting processes. Our goal is to take manual processes off the hands of underwriters, increasing their capacity to write more business and focus on generating revenue. My team is across the U.S. and the Philippines. We support six business units: Healthcare, Executive Assurance, Professional Liability, Arch Warranty and Lender Solutions, Retail Excess and Defense Base Act/Foreign Casualty.

“Pursuing Better Together in my work means knowing our customers well enough to anticipate their needs, preparing ourselves with processes, tools and automation, and ultimately, making Arch the first call.”

Here’s how I am Pursuing Better Together

In my current role, I don’t have just one set of customers. I support the entire life cycle of the policy. My customers include the underwriters we support and their brokers, and ultimately, their clients. For me, Pursuing Better Together is about fostering and elevating each of these relationships by anticipating and preparing for their needs. When I think about my customers, I develop deeper, stronger and more trusting relationships by first starting with accuracy and responsiveness, then moving into partnership, advice and consultation. Pursuing Better Together in my work means knowing our customers well enough to anticipate their needs, preparing ourselves with processes, tools and automation, and ultimately, making Arch the first call and being best in class.

The Big Picture

My advice to anyone thinking about their career is: Take a moment to think about the bigger picture of what it is that you’re doing. This is where you will find the reasons why you want to work.

For me, I love insurance. I love the story of it, what it does for people, how it makes them feel safer by mitigating risk. This is where I found career fulfillment, in knowing that I’m doing a good thing that helps others feel confident in pursuing what is important to them.

Clint Parker

Assistant Vice President, Arch Advantage-Underwriting Services
Arch Insurance | St. Paul, Minn.


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