Why Arch

We aim to provide the best possible solutions and level of service for our broker and their clients.

The Arch Way

We are forward-thinking, agile and built around like-minded people. We are specialists who believe that insurance matters, who care about how it is done and who strive to find ways to do it better.

That belief forms the basis of the Arch Way, which is built around:

  • Pursuing better and being future-minded.
  • Striving for continuous improvement across everything we do.
  • Being responsive to the evolving needs and circumstances of our customers.
  • Providing excellence in the execution and delivery of our products and services.
  • Offering added value through our actions, expertise and ideas
  • Communicating clearly with our brokers and clients.

These are the foundations for how we conduct our business, how we work with our brokers, and how we contribute to a better and more productive way of doing business.

Our Service Standard

At Arch, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standard of service. Our underwriting approach is experience-led but data-driven, ensuring a swift and considered response to the submissions we receive.

The promises we make to both brokers and insureds are:

  • To be available and approachable.
  • To be responsive and timely.
  • To be consistent and considered.
  • To be professional in all that we do.

Arch Capital Group Timeline