December 19, 2022

Arch Is the Place for Your Unique Talents

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Meet Deanna Cain

I learned about insurance careers when I was working at a rehabilitation center for patients recovering from motor vehicle accidents. I spoke with accident benefit adjusters about their day-to-day work, and it seemed interesting. I also had family members in the insurance industry. Plus, I figured out how I could transfer my skills from healthcare to insurance.

I applied to a training program at what is now Northbridge Insurance. Because of my healthcare background, working in claims was a logical place for me since I could read medical files, and I understood injuries. In 2008, I got into an interesting discussion with a VP at Arch I had met through a claims dispute. Soon after, I applied and interviewed for the position of Claims Examiner. I’ve been at Arch ever since. 

Building Trust with Exceptional Customer Service

Working in claims is about helping people. We tend to think about traditional door-to-door insurance sales, but in the claims space, it is about helping someone move through an awful situation. Being detail oriented and having empathy are two important skills. With claims, I am dealing with individuals in a crisis, so my response style and time are vital. Most people don’t understand insurance or how a claim works, so I am particular about explaining the process, building trust and showing empathy because it is a high-stress time.

Arch Is the Place for Your Unique Talents

What’s fantastic about the insurance industry is that to be successful, it doesn’t really matter what your undergraduate degree is in. I am an example of this, with my healthcare background. There are so many different facets within insurance, and so many opportunities to transition into other areas, such as information technology. People mid-career looking for an industry change should know that the insurance industry can offer a lot, and that their talents can be used in unique ways.

It’s a myth that insurance is boring or difficult to understand. The reality is it is an exciting, highly regulated industry that is diverse and it has provided opportunities even in economic downturns.

“People mid-career looking for an industry change should know that the insurance industry can offer a lot, and that their talents can be used in unique ways.”

Reflecting the Voice of the Customer from Within

My team here in Canada is a diverse group, with different cultural, religious and educational backgrounds. We have a few individuals who were hired as contract employees and worked their way up into senior positions. Arch supports these growth opportunities. Even in team meetings, I hear and learn so much. Having a diverse team is important because it allows us to relate to the voices of our customers.

Compared to when I started, the industry has made rapid and substantial advancements in becoming more diverse. I spoke at a conference in June 2022 for Women in Insurance, and I was encouraged to get my voice and my name out there in the industry. I was a part of a panel discussing hybrid work environments, and I spoke about networking, exposure and ensuring that no one is limited in their growth just because they are not in the office five days a week. At Arch, our mandate is to have people in the office three days a week. We are intentional with the in-office days by making them anchor days with collaborative activities. 

Deanna Cain

Vice President, Claims

Arch Insurance | Toronto, Canada


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