March 8, 2023

Women & Allies Network — Embracing Equity through Engagement

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Pursuing Better Together with the Arch Women & Allies Network

In the latest edition of the Pursuing Better Together podcast, we celebrate International Women’s Day with the co-chairs of the UK arm of Arch’s Women & Allies network. Gaia Corbetta, Senior Actuarial Analyst, and Barbara Rizzi, Head of Third-Party Claims, discuss the network’s efforts to enhance career development opportunities for women within the company and the industry as a whole.

Arch’s Women & Allies network has a busy calendar for the month, featuring a presentation on growth mindset, a panel discussion on equity (the theme of International Women’s Day) and an event on self-awareness. The series will shine a light on the issues addressed by the network, which launched in early 2021 and now has a membership of around 600 employees worldwide.

“The network fits very nicely into the inclusive leadership and culture that we promote at Arch,” Barbara says in the podcast. “The overarching mission of the network is to drive career advancement for the women at Arch through a series of initiatives including sponsorship, mentorship and networking in general.”

Barbara adds that employee networks form a bridge between the staff and HR, and are an essential part of fostering an inclusive culture. “They’re a channel for the workforce to make their voices heard to bring new ideas, also concerns,” she says. “It’s very inclusive, very open to new ideas. We welcome everyone’s views.”

Gaia adds that allies are essential to achieving the network’s central aim of providing meaningful career development opportunities for women, particularly through sponsorship and mentorship.

In line with the podcast theme of “Pursuing Better Together”, the Women and Allies network is forming partnerships with industry organisations to extend its influence for positive change beyond the company. Gaia says: “We want to collaborate with our peers and competitors externally to create a more inclusive workplace at an industry level, not only for our organisation.”  

Barbara believes that equity has moved up the agenda in insurance workplaces and that networks can help maintain the momentum for change. She says: “When I started out in this industry, it was a very male-dominated environment. These topics weren’t even discussed. The fact that we’re here today discussing this in an open forum is already making waves… we do believe that the networks are a fantastic tool to help effect change.”

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