June 28, 2019

The Top Ten 2019 July 4th Destinations for Americans Revealed by Arch RoamRight

Americans traveling during July Fourth choose U.S. destinations over other countries.

HUNT VALLEY, Md.–()–According to traveler data from travel insurance provider Arch RoamRight, this year’s most popular July Fourth destinations for Americans traveling abroad include Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico. However, despite the popularity of these easily accessible international destinations, Americans are more likely to travel within the United States as they take advantage of the upcoming holiday.

“Although July Fourth is early in the Atlantic hurricane season, popular U.S. coastal destinations, Mexico and the Caribbean are susceptible to major storms that can interrupt or completely derail travel plans”

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Of travelers with an Arch RoamRight travel insurance plan covering a trip during the Independence Day holiday, 11.4% are traveling within the United States. The next most popular destination, Italy, accounts for 8.5% of the same travelers.

For 2019, these are the top 10 most popular travel destinations for the July Fourth holiday:

  1. United States (11.4%).
  2. Italy (8.5%).
  3. United Kingdom (5.6%).
  4. France (5.1%).
  5. Mexico (3.6%).
  6. Germany (3.6%).
  7. Canada (3.5%).
  8. Spain (3.2%).
  9. Greece (2.6%).
  10. Israel (2.2%).

Most Popular U.S. Destinations for July Fourth

For travelers who are planning trips within the U.S. during this time frame, the most popular states include:

  1. California (12.2%).
  2. Hawaii (9.2%).
  3. Florida (7.6%).
  4. New York (7.1%).
  5. Alaska (5.7%).

Travel Insurance and July Fourth Travel

Those traveling more than 100 miles from home for the Fourth of July should consider travel insurance to help protect their travel plans, even if those plans only involve domestic travel. The summer months correlate with the Atlantic hurricane season, which began June 1 and can disrupt travel plans.

“Although July Fourth is early in the Atlantic hurricane season, popular U.S. coastal destinations, Mexico and the Caribbean are susceptible to major storms that can interrupt or completely derail travel plans,” said Cory Sobczyk, Vice President of Business Development for Arch RoamRight.

“Travel insurance, especially if you are traveling during these months to a destination that can experience a hurricane, should be at the top of your packing list. Delays brought on by coastal weather can often reverberate throughout the airline industry, so extra caution should always be taken when traveling domestically during hurricane season even if you are traveling to states outside the traditional hurricane zones,” said Sobczyk.

Arch RoamRight offers travel insurance plans and optional upgrades for Americans traveling both domestically and internationally. In addition to trip cancellation, interruption and delay coverage related to hurricanes, travel insurance may help protect you if your vacation plans change, such as if you need to cancel your trip for other unexpected reasons or if your luggage is lost or delayed. Travel insurance may also provide medical coverage for emergencies that occur while traveling.

Travel advisors and tour operators can offer exclusive Arch RoamRight plans to their travelers. For more information, contact Arch RoamRight at [email protected].

About Arch RoamRight

RoamRight (www.RoamRight.com), an Arch Insurance Company brand based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, provides travel insurance to help U.S. residents traveling around the world. RoamRight offers travel insurance plans for leisure, business, student and group travelers taking both domestic and international trips. From trip cancellation to travel medical insurance plans and an award-winning mobile app and website, RoamRight is an industry leader in innovation and technological solutions.

About the Data

The data was collected at the time of purchase of Arch RoamRight travel insurance products for trips that included July 4, 2019. Percentages listed above are based on the total number of travelers with Arch RoamRight travel insurance policies who listed their travel destination when purchasing insurance.


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