February 18, 2022

Pursuing a Better Claims Experience

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Arch’s claims organization is undergoing a transformation, and at the center of it all is culture and Pursuing Better Together, both internally and externally, to deliver exceptional experience. Leaders from the claims organization discuss what “better” means in three key areas – driving claims to resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible, being transparent with customers, and using data to help customers identify risk. The roundtable features Patrick Nails, Executive Vice President, Chief Claims Officer; Mario Bracuti, Senior Vice President, Claims; Francine Minervini, Senior Vice President, Deputy TCO; and Gia Guzman, Vice President, Claims Administration.

The full video originally appeared on Insurance Business America IBTV.

Chapter 1: Better Creates a Superior Experience

Arch delivers a best-in-class claims experience that creates better outcomes for our customers. Pat Nails and Mario Bracuti share what makes Arch’s culture unique and how that, combined with our breadth of experience, enable us to better understand our customers’ wants and needs, which leads to better outcomes.

Chapter 2: Better Works Together

Pursuing Better Together is a customer-focused mindset. Pat Nails describes in more detail the key areas where the claims organization is implementing Arch’s brand promise.

Chapter 3: Better Listens Intently to Provide Informed Solutions

Gia Guzman describes the Direct Resolution Claims group, which has developed clear, consistent and transparent procedures that provide for greater levels of efficiency.

Chapter 4: Better Collaborates Creating Positive Outcomes

Francine Minervini shares how Arch’s culture of collaboration creates faster pathways to getting to efficient resolution.

Chapter 5: Better Builds Trust

Another example of what Pursuing Better Together means for the claims organization is about being transparent about our position. Mario Bracuti explains how being Better means being straightforward and upfront with our customers. 

Chapter 6: Better Is about Continuous Improvement

Arch’s predictive analytics tools and algorithms elevate our ability to serve our customers. Mario Bracuti describes how we use these tools to reduce our customers’ total cost of risk. Additionally, Gia Guzman offers examples of how collaboration and teamwork in the Shared Services department leads to continuous improvements.

Chapter 7: Better Takes Effective Action

Gia Guzman describes the catalyst that led to the creation of the Shared Service organization and how one center of knowledge provides consistency, improves organization and productivity.

Chapter 8: Better Takes You Further

Pat Nails asserts that Arch’s culture is our competitive edge. Pursuing Better Together is how we work together with our customers because Better collaborates creating positive outcomes.

Full Video: Pursing a Better Claims Experience Through Culture and Technology

Watch the full length roundtable discussion.

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