May 28, 2021

Professional Indemnity Core Appetite

Insights UK Regional Division
Risk Appetite

David Filtness, Senior Underwriter at Arch Insurance, presents what we can offer our UK brokers within Professional Indemnity insurance. The transcript is below.

We have a broad core appetite. We underwrite accountants, architects and engineers, design and construction, tech, media, marketing, publishers, property professionals, including estate agents and surveyors, recruitment consultants, and abroad appetite of miscellaneous trades.

We write indemnity limits from $100,000 up to $5 million on a civil liability basis. If you need an excess layer to complete the program, we can consider these which fit within our appetite. We are seeing other insurers reducing their limits, there’s an increased demand for this.

We have secured the services of DWF to provide free legal advice to all our construction professionals who may need assistance on appointments, collateral warranties, or Novation agreements.

We understand this is our market. That is why we continue to work with you in securing and retaining business. We also make sure we offer you and your clients a service you come to expect. For example, turnaround times on inquiries are key as you’re speaking to decision makers. So our regional offices across the UK offer empowered underwriters with the ability to make quick and transparent decisions. To find out more, please get in touch with your local Arch office. We’ll be happy to share more on what we can do for you.