May 12, 2021

London Market Risk Appetite for Healthcare

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Risk Appetite

James Barrett, Head of Healthcare for Arch Insurance International, shares thoughts about our London Market Healthcare risk appetite. The video is the first in our risk appetite series. The transcript is below.

We underwrite in three main areas within the healthcare space.

The first and largest group of our clients is hospital and health system, large standalone hospitals, small regional systems, or some of the largest multi-state systems in the U.S. We will underwrite all types of hospitals from general acute care to university teaching, or pediatric — any really type of large hospital.

The key criteria is that our clients should have a willingness and an ability to maintain a significant self-insured retention.

The second area we focus on is long-term care. This is new for 2021. We tend to focus on larger risks located in more challenging jurisdictions. We probably prefer multi-state Long Term Care risks. Typical structure would be $1 million per claim, $3 million per facility Ag and a larger policy Ag above a self-insured retention of no less than $100,000 each, and every potentially with a buffer or loss corridor as well.

The third area we look at is physician business. We consider this on an excess only basis typically above a U.S. domestic provides the primary. These will be larger groups, say 100 physicians or more ideally associated with a single facility.

If you’d like to get in touch with me or any member of the healthcare team, please contact us using the details on the screen. We look forward to hearing from you.