May 28, 2021

London Market Casualty Risk Appetite

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Risk Appetite

James Mecham, Head of Casualty, Arch Insurance International, addresses main territories in which we underwrite business, plus our main areas of focus. A transcript of the video follows.

We focus on territories first and main territories in which we underwrite business are Australia, Canada, UK and Europe. We also write portfolios in Latin America in the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa and the Asian market.

Regarding centre trade segments, the main areas of focus for us are:

  • Energy.
  • Power.
  • Mining.
  • Construction, which is single project construction and annual contractors.
  • Manufacturing
  • And transportation with a particular focus on rail.

We also write reasonable amount of government and municipality business.

Maximum line size is $40 million U.S. But with regards to offshore energy liability, that is USD 30 million, and increases again to $40 million in respect of onshore energy liability.

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