September 8, 2021

London Market Appetite for Transactional Risk

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Risk Appetite

In this video, Bryan Dressler, Head of Transactional Risk, discusses our appetite for transactional Risk business. The transcript is also below.

For now, our primary appetite is focused on SME deals, in particular, companies operating in the UK and Western Europe. And that’s for sectors including tech, media, telecom, renewables and real estate. Meanwhile, we’re looking to build the sizable excess book. And that’s for jurisdictions around the world, including Europe and APAC, and across the full industry spectrum.

Overall, what we’re looking to do is leverage Arch’s multiline and long-term view while partnering with high conviction cover holders and their own domains of specialty. There are plenty of secular tailwinds for both local and global M&A, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

The story for now is one of a lot of supply chasing and a lot of in growing demand. And the former is outpacing the latter for the time being at least and so for now, it’s all about picking your spots, doing what you say, and playing the long game.

To get in touch on anything transactional risk, please contact myself or my underwriting colleague Katie Daniels using the details on the screen.