November 18, 2020

Green Cards – Driving Abroad after Brexit

Insights UK Regional Division

Following agreement with the EU, with effect from 2nd August 2021 ‘Green Cards’ are no longer required as proof of insurance when driving in the EU/EEA. If you are travelling in the EU/EEA before then you should still request a ‘Green Card’. After 2nd August 2021 you should still take your motor insurance certificate when driving in the EU/EEA.

What is a “Green Card”?

An International Motor Insurance Card, more commonly known as a Green Card is proof of motor insurance cover when driving abroad. Current Government guidance is that UK motorists will need to carry a Green Card as proof of insurance cover when driving in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) including the Republic of Ireland, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland, from 1st  January 2021.  These must be issued for each vehicle travelling and a separate one will be required for a trailer or caravan being towed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Green Card for the policyholder?

You should email your normal branch underwriting contact, ideally at least two weeks before the policyholder travels. Requests must come from you and not direct from the policyholder.

What information should I provide for you to issue a Green Card?

The following information should be provided:

  • Policyholder name and policy number.
  • Dates of travel.
  • Vehicle registration number, make and model.
  • Trailer or caravan make and model.
  • Name of driver/drivers.

How will the policyholder receive the Green Card?

We will email the Green Card back to you for you to email on to the policyholder. Green Cards no longer need to be printed on green paper and they should print it on normal white paper. It can be printed single sided and will print as two pieces of paper or double sided if they have a duplex printer. It is important that the policyholder prints out the document as they will need to show a physical copy. Electronic versions e.g. a PDF on a smart phone is not be acceptable.

Will there be an administration charge made by you to issue a Green Card?

No, there will be no administration charge.

Has the cover provided by the policy changed?

No, the cover will remain the same.

The motor certificate currently says there is European cover at the bottom in different languages; is a Green Card still required?

Yes, current government guidance is that a Green Card is required and the policyholder should also take their motor certificate as well.

What if a policyholder doesn’t take a Green Card?

We don’t know how different countries border and law enforcement officials will react if one is not taken. Motorists may be prosecuted, face penalties or fines or have their vehicle seized.

What if a policy is due for renewal when driving abroad?

Green cards will be issued for a minimum of 15 days. If renewal is not confirmed, cover will only be valid until renewal date. The new insurer should also provide a Green Card.

What if a policyholder is going to be driving outside the EU/EEA?

This is not automatically covered and policyholders should contact us and we will consider if we wish to provide cover.

Is there additional government guidance for travel post Brexit, for example including advice on international driving permits and GB stickers?

Yes, policyholders can look at the government guidance on their website at: