December 6, 2019

Extra Protection Where SMEs Need It Most

Insights UK Regional Division
Risk Management

We know that SME owners can feel like they’re ‘muddling through’ when it comes to implementing health and safety best practices within their business. Costly mistakes can be made and valuable time can be wasted. At the other end of the spectrum, it can cost thousands of pounds to bring in an external consultant or hire a new employee to handle health and safety.

For this reason, we’ve embedded Arch Safety Click into many of our SME insurance policies, providing a wide range of clients with high-quality health and safety support that’s specific to their sector.

Arch Safety Click is a flexible tool with features such as unlimited Ask the Expert support and accredited courses that empower clients to manage risk ‘in the here and now’. One login provides access to everything SMEs need to galvanise their health and safety practices.

From completely transforming the culture of a business to accessing expert advice as and when it’s needed, Arch Safety Click is an adaptable, user-friendly solution that businesses can rely on.

Why do we provide Arch Safety Click?

Arch is a responsible insurer and we see it as our duty to reduce claims and help keep premiums low. Arch Safety Click goes beyond that, helping the end user avoid issues with compliance and even claims and tribunals.

Arch Safety Click has appeal for businesses big and small, whether they simply want to save money on consultancy or need help becoming compliant at all levels. From HR to business continuity, we provide a solution that covers all the cornerstones and allows employers to effectively manage every aspect of health and safety.

What sectors does it cover?

Arch Safety Click covers 32 sectors and is ideal for a variety of businesses including retailers, offices, wholesalers, manufacturers, joiners, goods warehouses, precision engineers, metalworkers and many more.

Our clients tell us they find the service highly efficient. Businesses can quickly and easily access the full spectrum of relevant information on key areas of risk specific to their sector. Retailers, for instance, have a lot of key risk areas that can be mitigated by using Arch Safety Click and can simply visit the ‘retail’ section of the website.

How does the Ask the Expert feature work?

Customers can ask unlimited questions until they get the advice they are looking for. It’s support that counts when it matters most.

There is no charge for using the Ask the Expert feature, whereas bringing in an external health and safety consultant costs an absolute minimum of £350 per day. That’s a huge saving on a common business expense.

We take a great deal of pride in the experts we employ, who are all currently working in the trade and offer up-to-date industry expertise. We work with fellows and members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

HR advice can be the difference between facing an employment tribunal or not, and our HR consultant is qualified to MBA level. The expertise on offer is just as valuable as external consultancy and can save thousands, and yet it’s completely free!

How does the e-learning work?

We offer an essential health and safety package, a suite of 16 courses that can be taken as many times as needed at no extra cost. Even a business with hundreds of employees can use the courses as often as they require and include them as a fundamental part of their training programme – user accounts are unlimited.

Every course is approved and accredited by RoSPA and CPD. They are exclusively mapped to the National Occupational Standards (NOS), providing credits towards relevant NVQ qualifications.

The e-learning embeds a culture of adhering to health and safety best practice at every level within a business. The accreditation gives businessowners peace of mind while also incentivising employees by demonstrating the employer’s commitment to their safety and professional development.

How does the ‘driving risk’ section help SMEs?

Any company with any employee on the road for any length of time needs to consider driving risk. People often think of fleets when they think about driving risk, however most businesses are exposed to it.

Our driving risk support takes out a lot of the paperwork for a wide range of businesses, from those with just one vehicle up to those with medium-sized fleets.

We help businesses remain compliant with Occupational Road Risk legislation and offer useful features such as an automatic driver audit. Duty of care stays with employers wherever their employees are on the road, so we’re here to help them stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to risk.

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