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Arch Voices | January 23, 2023

Inspiring Managers = Exciting Career Growth

Zehai Zerai, Business Operations Specialist, tells us how her meticulousness for details helped her earn trust and take on greater responsibility leading global teams….

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Arch Voices | January 17, 2023

Growing into Shared Success

Ewelina Sarmiento, AVP Financial Reporting, shares her positive experience growing into a leader at Arc and how she seeks to replicate that for her team….

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Arch Voices | December 19, 2022

Arch Is the Place for Your Unique Talents

Deanna Cain, VP Claims, shares how she used her healthcare background as an asset to create a rewarding insurance career at Arch….

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Risk Management | December 15, 2022

Technical Talks: Metal Theft

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), over 1,000 metal thefts incidents are recorded each week. Metals such as copper, lead and high value specialist alloys have always been attractive…

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Close up shot of silver metal

Arch Voices | December 12, 2022

Perseverance, Strength and No TV (For a Little While)

Nina Brik, AVP Financial Reporting, explains how a lateral move catapulted her career growth at Arch….

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Risk Management | December 9, 2022

Power Outages This Winter: Securing Your Business

There has been talk in the press of utility outages this winter. Not every eventuality is covered by commercial insurance policies. Deliberate decisions to cut or restrict supply by utility companies is…

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Power towers in a field

Arch Voices | December 5, 2022

Elevating Customer Relationships

Clint Parker, AVP Underwriting Services, shares how his early career experience in the food service industry set him up for skills he uses to Pursue Better Together at Arch….

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Podcasts | December 1, 2022

Tackling Complexity Through Collaboration

Vicky Carter talks about her drive to succeed in the (re)insurance arena, the importance of empowering the next generation of talent, and why collaboration will be key for Lloyd’s and the wider insuranc…

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Recognitions | November 29, 2022

Business Travel: In Conversation with Jarrod O’Connor

In conversation with Jarrod O’Connor, Accident & Health Underwriting Manager, we discuss how the travel industry has bounced back from the pandemic, client expectations and Arch’s new bu…

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