May 24, 2019

Arch RoamRight Analysis Provides Insights into 2019 Spring Break Travel Habits

HUNT VALLEY, Md.–()–A recent study by Arch Insurance Company’s travel insurance brand,
RoamRight, yielded interesting insights about this year’s recently
completed spring break travel season. Spring break, historically an
opportunity for travelers to recharge from the doldrums of the winter
season, typically finds leisure travelers heading for warmer climates.
Arch RoamRight’s recent analysis, based on survey responses and
historical purchase data, uncovered some noteworthy results regarding
one of the United States’ most popular travel seasons.

New study from Arch RoamRight reveals interesting insights about 2019 spring break travel season and use of travel insurance.

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Findings include:

Most spring breakers do not purchase travel insurance

The majority of survey respondents (53%) who traveled for spring break
said they did not purchase travel insurance for their trip.

“Even though we have come a long way in educating American travelers
about the importance of travel insurance, we still have a way to go,”
said Cory Sobczyk, Vice President of Business Development for Arch
RoamRight. “Many travel experts agree that travel insurance is an
important component of any travel plan. Travel insurance should be as
essential for spring break as sunblock or a bathing suit.”

Travel insurance helps protect you if your vacation plans change, such
as if you need to cancel your trip for an unexpected reason or if your
luggage is lost or delayed. Travel insurance can also provide medical
coverage for emergencies that occur while traveling.

Arch RoamRight travelers opted for Puerto Rico, Cuba over Mexico

According to data from insured Arch RoamRight travelers in the first
quarter of 2019, more travelers were taking spring break trips to Puerto
Rico and Cuba, while fewer were opting for the historically popular
spring break destination of Mexico.

In March 2019, Arch RoamRight saw a 43% increase in travelers heading to
Puerto Rico and a 19% increase in travelers bound for Cuba when compared
to March of 2018. Meanwhile, there was a 39% decrease in insured
individuals traveling to Mexico.

“Over the last year, we have seen Puerto Rico make tremendous strides in
welcoming tourists back into their country,” said Mr. Sobczyk. “While
Mexico remains a popular destination for spring break, our data shows a
swing of people visiting Puerto Rico, possibly to help the country
rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017 by contributing
to the local economy through tourism.”

Regarding the increase in travel to Cuba, Mr. Sobczyk says, “We
understand the desire for Americans to experience Cuba once
people-to-people travel to the country was allowed, especially with the
future regulation of American travel to Cuba uncertain.”

Most respondents opted to pass on a spring break trip

Through the survey, Arch RoamRight learned that about 70% of respondents
did not take a 2019 spring break trip. Of those, nearly 30% cited
limitations in paid time off from work as a leading reason for not
traveling. Other responses included a lack of interest in spring break
travel (23%) and not being able to afford a trip this year (9%).

About RoamRight

RoamRight (,
an Arch Insurance brand based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, provides travel
insurance to help U.S. residents traveling around the world. RoamRight
offers travel insurance plans for leisure, business, student and group
travelers taking both domestic and international trips. From trip
cancellation to travel medical insurance plans and an award-winning
mobile app and website, RoamRight is an industry leader in innovation
and technological solutions.

About the Survey

These results were collected in a survey sent to Arch RoamRight
newsletter subscribers. The survey received 221 responses from the
18,281 newsletter subscribers. The purpose of this survey was to gather
information on spring break travel during the 2019 season. The survey
and its results are informal and not large enough to arrive at a
conclusions that concretely summarize travel trends.

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