July 13, 2021

Arch Insurance International Announces Claims Team Promotions

Insights International

We are delighted to announce the creation of two new Head of Claims roles with the promotions of Barbara Rizzi to Head of Claims, Third Party and Steve Turvey to Head of Claims, First Party.

Barbara and Steve bring a wealth of managerial experience and technical skill to the roles. In their seven years as Claims Managers for Arch, they have demonstrated their credentials time and again in their delivery of customer service and in supporting the business’s objectives. In their new positions, Barbara’s remit will span financial lines, casualty, healthcare and cyber; Steve will focus on both first party and regional claims.

Barbara and Steve will be supported in the claims function’s management by Laura Brahams, Sian Martin and Adam Murray. Laura will continue to manage the D&O, FI and TRIP claims team with the high level of expertise and diligence that she has demonstrated to our clients and the business as claims manager. Laura will be ably supported in her role by Craig Hanson as Deputy Claims Manager. Sian, who excelled as Claims Manager for Syndicate 1955, will now become Claims Manager for PI, casualty, healthcare and cyber, with Darren Vye bringing his technical skill and managerial capability to the Deputy Claims Manager role.

On the first-party and regional front, Adam Murray will become First Party Claims Manager and Olivia O’Meara Deputy Claims Manager. Adam and Olivia are both highly capable and skilled practitioners. Craig Ashcroft will continue to manage our regional claims offering, spearheading a service of excellence for our regional claims customers.

At Arch, our commitment to effective claims management is as important as the insurance solutions we develop. The creation of these roles reflects the increasing scale of our business and the need to bolster our claims management capabilities to respond effectively to that.