June 20, 2019

8 out of 10 People Are Happy with Their Travel Advisor Experience, According to Arch RoamRight Survey

HUNT VALLEY, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a recent survey conducted by travel insurance provider Arch
RoamRight, 8 out of 10 people who have used a travel advisor said they
enjoyed the experience.

“There are several misconceptions about travel advisors”

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According to the survey, 81.9% of people who said they have used the
services of a travel advisor to help plan a trip described their
feelings toward the experience as “Happy” (43.8%) or “Extremely Happy”
(38.1%). Only 8.6% of people said they were either “Unsatisfied” (6.7%)
or “Extremely Unsatisfied” (1.9%). The remaining 9.5% were neutral about
the experience.

“Travel advisors can play a fundamental role in the travel planning
process, and the satisfaction of their clients demonstrates the value
and wealth of knowledge they add to travel planning,” said Cory Sobczyk,
Vice President of Business Development for Arch RoamRight.

The survey also showed that about one-third of respondents have never
used a travel advisor. The most common reasons provided for not using a
travel advisor included considering it unnecessary (68.4%) and not
wanting to pay for their services (21.1%).

“There are several misconceptions about travel advisors,” said Mr.
Sobczyk. “With the popularity of online travel websites, many people do
not see the value in using a travel advisor. Unfortunately, these people
can miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with someone who
specializes in travel planning, or travel to a particular destination,
and can have access to exclusive transportation or lodging deals.

“Additionally, many people mistakenly believe that it can be costly to
use a travel advisor to plan a trip. However, many travel agents do not
charge a fee to customers for their services and are often compensated
instead by the travel suppliers. Travelers can choose how active a role
they want an advisor to take in trip planning. It can be a valuable
service for any traveler.”

Many travel advisors choose to work with Arch RoamRight travel insurance
to help protect their clients if their vacation plans change, such as if
they need to cancel their trip for an unexpected reason or if their
luggage is lost or delayed. Travel insurance can also provide medical
coverage for emergencies that occur while traveling.

Travel advisors can offer exclusive Arch RoamRight travel insurance
products to their clients. For more information, contact Arch RoamRight
at [email protected].

About RoamRight

RoamRight (www.roamright.com),
an Arch Insurance brand based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, provides travel
insurance to help U.S. residents traveling around the world. RoamRight
offers travel insurance plans for leisure, business, student and group
travelers taking both domestic and international trips. From trip
cancellation to travel medical insurance plans and an award-winning
mobile app and website, RoamRight is an industry leader in innovation
and technological solutions.

About the Survey

These results were collected in a survey sent to Arch RoamRight
newsletter subscribers. The survey received 173 responses from the
18,281 newsletter subscribers. The purpose of this survey was to gather
information about the use of travel advisors during the trip planning
process. The survey and its results are informal and not large enough to
arrive at a conclusion that concretely summarizes travel trends.

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Tim Dodge
Vice President – Marketing
Arch Insurance Company
[email protected]