December 31, 2020

Protect Your Clients’ Business Every Day, Not Just when Disaster Strikes

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Risk Management

Do you know about Arch Business Protection?

Arch Business Protection provides commercial clients with a unique combination of cloud-based risk management systems, unlimited client engagement support and tailored consultancy services. It’s a multi-faceted service that supports clients to mitigate risk in every area of their business, from boosting employee engagement and wellbeing to robust business continuity planning.

Through a unique combination of online management systems, onsite risk consultancy and engagement support, we help your clients cover the chinks in their armour.

Who’s it for?

Arch Business Protection is ideal for clients in sectors such as distribution and manufacturing. and who employ between 25 and 2000 staff.

How can clients benefit?

We offer a comprehensive range of valuable services that empower clients to identify and mitigate their risk. While their insurance policy is there to cover them if the worst happens, Arch Business Protection is there to decrease the likelihood of that ever occurring.

Unlimited remote support is a key feature of the offering. Our team will work with the client through live webinars as often as needed and at every stage, empowering them to make the most of this robust service.

As standard we include:

  • Business continuity planning.
  • Health and safety management.
  • RoSPA approved e-learning.
  • A PPE and asset manager.
  • Unlimited remote support.

Our team is adept at guiding businesses through the process of implementing the system and provides unlimited remote support at every stage, including when it’s fully up and running. It takes about two weeks to roll out, depending on the business.

We can also include valuable add-ons:

  • Onsite consultancy.
  • Environmental management.
  • Document distribution and tracking tool.
  • Additional e-learning.

“We see effective risk management as a powerful way of enhancing operational business performance. It should go beyond compliance and really work for businesses, for instance by increasing employee engagement. Having excellent risk management in place ultimately means gaining a competitive advantage.”

An In-Depth Look at Arch Business Protection

Using Data to Manage Risk

Business decisions should be made on facts so we support our clients to gain a deeper understanding of risk and how to avoid it.

Arch Business Protection is a tailored service and we will always ‘dig deeper’ with clients to uncover the risks they don’t realise their business is exposed to. We often find that there are big misconceptions about health and safety within a business in terms of what’s needed and what’s not!

Our Approach to Business Continuity Planning

Many see continuity planning as preparing for disaster. We see it as mitigating the risk of a wide variety of scenarios occurring, rather than focussing on the absolute worst that could happen.

We help determine which strategy is the best fit for the business and guide clients to approach planning through three elements: continuity, resilience and response. Business continuity exercises drive buy-in and help expose risk, as well as preparing employees to take the best course of action when it matters most.

Managing Health and Safety

Arch Business Protection supports businesses to implement and manage healthy and safety in a variety of ways. The platform allows health and safety management across multiple sites, creating an easier way for all of the businesses’ locations to conform to the same standards.

From live reporting, to setting and measuring KPIs for operational areas, to storing and version controlling all documentation, the health and safety management system is full of useful features that take away the guesswork.

E-Learning with a Spotlight on Employee Engagement

The e-learning we offer is about far more than ticking boxes. Our RoSPA-approved suite of 15 courses is designed to create a culture of transparency, accountability and responsibility within a business, building a health and safety mindset in each employee.

Certification is available and the courses can be taken as many times, by as many employees, as needed.

Client Engagement

This is a key component of Arch Business Protection: helping clients get up and running in the system. Setting up e-learning, establishing reporting requirements, delivering rollout webinars to client’s employees and onsite implementation planning are all examples of the support provided to Arch’s commercial clients every day.

Arch Business Protection is included with:Commercial combined.

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